Aug 3, 2015

It's Winter Somewhere, Right?

Sister Durrant and I wanted to finish out the month right. The way to do it? Christmas in July. We have been listening to Christmas music (again) and even put up a Christmas tree! We may be starting things early, but we figure that Christmas is going to be here before we know it, and there is never a wrong time to celebrate Jesus Christ and His birth. Listening to Christmas music also helps with this heat. So, why not?

On Tuesday this week, we were able to meet a new investigator named Susan. She is an older lady and has actually been going to church almost every week for the last 7 years and has never been baptized. She hasn't been for the last few months because of some health problems, but almost every body in the ward knows her. As we were talking with Susan, she told us that she loves the people in the church and agrees with a lot of the teachings. But she is a very intellectual woman who seems to have her own ideas about things. She told us that believes in reincarnation and even believes she is psychic, so it was definitely a very interesting conversation. She also said that she has found some historical holes in the Book of Mormon which actually made me really sad because I really have grown such a love for that book. It makes me sad to think that she won't let herself feel the spirit of truth that comes from the Book of Mormon because of little details. We are hoping to meet with her again and help her be able to see past some of those things and focus on the Spirit.

I gave a training on Wednesday at our district meeting about how repentance can help us avoid the deceptions of the adversary. We were able to have a great conversation about it and came to the conclusion that by changing our focus and by looking up towards our Heavenly Father and Savior rather than the distractions around us, that is how we can avoid the temptations that come at us. I find myself getting distracted all of the time by the world around me, even as a missionary. But I learned that we must be willing to have the strength and courage to shut those things out and focus on what we know we should be doing. Our Heavenly Father will bless us in so many ways if we are always willing to put Him and Jesus Christ first in our lives.

On Thursday we had dinner with Holly. She is a less active member who is living with her (now) finance Tim. She is awesome! She went to culinary school so she makes the most incredible food. She made us dinner and then had us help her make mint chocolate molten lava cakes. I was in heaven! They were so indescribably delicious. We had a really good lesson with her afterwards and are hoping to see her at church!

I can't believe that August is already here! Here's to hoping it won't get too hot. Have a great week! Love you all!
 Our wee little Christmas tree!

 The cake. So. Good.

 Sometimes we go a little crazy in the humidity.

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