Apr 11, 2016

The Good News

I was able to take the cutest family from Provo on tour this week. You know that you have a great tour when you can both laugh from having fun and cry from feeling the Spirit. The little boy, who is 5, is completely and utterly obsessed with temples. Throughout the tour he drew all of the temples that the pioneers built and his parents told us that his favorite movie is "Mountain of the Lord". We teased his mom and said that there are much worse things that he could be obsessed with. But after the tour, I was thinking about the love that I have been able to grow for the temple and I can't help but smile every time I think about going inside. We were able to help clean the temple this week and I don't know what I would do without the Spirit that I can feel every time that I'm there or the knowledge that we have from temples. I am so grateful to know that families can be together for eternity and that as we make covenants with God, we can feel even more of His love for us. There isn't anything greater that you could ask for.

We were also able to have an incredible lesson with our investigator, Danielle on Friday. As we were talking with her, we came to find out that she is having a hard time trying to gain a relationship with God and that the idea of having Him as a Father on Heaven kind of scares her because she doesn't feel worthy of that. Sister Abbott then asked her "Danielle, do you know who you are? Because we are going to tell you the most amazing thing." We were then able to bear testimony to her that she is daughter of God and that He sees so much potential in her. She cried as we were telling her this which made me started crying because I could literally feel the love that Heavenly Father has for her. She told us that it made her feel like she now has purpose to know who she truly is. It absolutely breaks my heart to think that people don't know that they are a child of God. We learn that song before we can even talk most of the time in the church, but do we really believe what it says? Do we really understand what that means? That is why I am on a mission: to help people know their purpose, see their potential, and to know that they are never alone. We all have a literal Father in Heaven who loves us more than we can comprehend. Everybody deserves to know that, and that is why there truly is no better calling than to be a missionary.
We love to clean the temple.  We went inside Monday. (Please feel free to sing along)

 Some of the greatest people from Provo you'll ever meet.
 Happy 14 months!

Yep. That's us.

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