Mar 28, 2016


A public service announcement to all of you missionaries out there: don't let your companions go home. It is not fun. At all. Even though I miss Sister Fronk so much, we unfortunately can't keep her all to ourselves anymore. We have to share her with the world. So dumb.

We all knew that I would be getting a new companion, and on Tuesday I got the call from President asking me if I would train the new sister coming in. I'm getting another baby! Her name is Sister Abbott and she is from Rigby, Idaho. She actually went to high school with Sister Chappell so both of my children knew each other before which is so crazy! That also means that my past 4 companions have been from Idaho. I wonder if that's supposed to mean something? But Sister Abbott is so great! I sometimes feel like she's training me. It's been amazing to see each new set of missionaries seem more and more prepared. The church is so true! I am so excited to be serving with her and to see what is going to happen for her on this journey.

Easter on the mission is the absolute best. In order to prepare this past month, Sister Fronk and I came up with a "hallelujah challenge" to find a "hallelujah moment" each day. It could be a tender mercy, an act of service, a free ice cream cone, anything that makes you say "hallelujah!" and helps you feel of the love that Heavenly Father has for you. Easter really has become one of my favorite holidays because of what it represents: new life. We really can find new life each day through our Savior. We can have second chances and look for ways to get back on the path home to our Heavenly Father. I know that Jesus is the Christ and the He lives. I can testify that He is our Lord and Redeemer and I know that, if we let Him, He can be our best and truest friend. I love my Savior.

I wanted to send another special "welcome home" shout-out to my baby sister! I love you so much Sister Slater Jr. Now make the world a better place with the amazing person you have become.
 We got grilled cheese donuts. And yes, they were amazing.

 Love them all. So much.

 Sister Irwin and I decided to match. Apparently it's the thing to do.

Meet Sister Abbott!

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