Aug 8, 2016

"No Unhallowed Hand Can Stop the Work From Progressing."

We have been able to do A LOT of finding this week. On Tuesday we ended up tracting for about 4 hours and, unfortunately, we didn't have too much luck. However, we did knock on one woman's door and when we told her who we were she said "Oh! Well I am actually in the middle of a prayer that we say at 3 pm every day. You can come join me if you like!" I figured that missions are about experiencing new things, right? So we ended up going inside and she had a radio station playing where they were having people call in talk about who they wanted to pray for and then they would say some Catholic prayer to help them. We just sat there and listened, but it was really interesting to get an idea of what Catholics do. We came to find out that her name is Judy and she is a very VERY devout Catholic. But we ended up watching the #hallelujah video with her so we are hoping that one day she'll be open to learning more.

On Thursday we had our "finding night". President had told us last week that we were going to have a night when every missionary in the mission would go out and find people from 6-9. So on Thursday we had a conference call all together and President told us that he wanted every companion to set a goal to hand out at least 2 copies of the Book of Mormon, teach the Restoration 3 times and set one person for baptism. As Sister Pinhey and I went out we were able to see SO many miracles. One of the biggest miracles happened during the last hour of the night. We were going to tract around a less active member's house but our GPS started taking us out of our area, so we ended up just stopping in a random neighborhood and parked the car. As we walked up one of the streets I looked at one house and saw that the car's license plate said SJS which are my initials. I thought that was kind of cool, but then I saw that their other car's plate said SAV and I knew we had to stop there. Nobody answered the door but a guy walked out of the garage and told us there was a tornado warning. (Satan thinks he's so funny.) We started talking to him about his faith and he told us about his "miracle baby". We learned that he and his wife had just had a baby who wasn't supposed to survive but is now completely healthy and he knew that was a miracle from God. I felt impressed to ask what her name was and learned that it's Savannah Rae. What are the odds?! I absolutely knew at that point that we had been led to him for a reason. We taught him the Restoration but when we got to Joseph Smith he kind of backed up and told us "That man has nothing to do with my Jesus" and got kind of defensive. It was incredible to literally see the Spirit softening his heart as we testified and explained to him that Joseph Smith didn't start his own church but was a tool in restoring Christ's. We ended up setting him for baptism and he is really excited to learn more!

Within those three hours, as a companionship we handed out 4 Book of Mormons, taught the Restoration 6 times and set 1 person for baptism. As a mission we handed out 281 Book of Mormons, taught the Restoration 308 times and set 109 people for baptism. So even though there were tornadoes and rain trying to pause everything, I witnessed that there truly is nothing that will stop the Lord's work from progressing.
 Sometimes we have music parties in the car at 10 pm. It's the little things...

 Isn't she cute?

The best Sisters I ever did see.

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