Aug 1, 2016

Our Light In the Wilderness

Sister Hutchison and I were shocked this week when we heard about transfers. We were pretty sure that we would be staying together since we had only been together for one transfer, but we ended up finding out that Sister Hutchison would be moving to the Old Mill ward and I would be staying here in Bennington. I now get to be companions with Sister Pinhey (pronounced "penny") who is actually my granddaughter! So that should be fun. I am definitely going to miss Sister Huchison SO much. We decided that President split us up because we were having way too much fun, but the best part of being at the Trail Center is that we still get to see everyone every day.

Throughout this week I have noticed that there have been a lot of really bad moments but also a lot of really good moments that have gone along with them. Some of those include:

-Sisters going home. But we got to meet some of their families and Sister Murphy is BACK.
-Sister Hutchison leaving Bennington but now I get to start a new adventure with Sister Pinhey.
-It's been so busy at the Trail Center but that means that more people are taking part of this sacred place.
-The fact that I'm starting my last transfer. But that means that I get to use this time to give my all and try my best to learn everything that I need to.

I've come to realize on my mission that you really can't have light without the dark. You have to experience the rough times so that you can appreciate the good, and I've learned that you can always find tender mercies in the hardest of times. We all go through a "wilderness" period of our lives, but we can always find light in the dark through Christ and through knowing that He will guide us along the way. [1 Nephi 17:13]
 This is actually why President transferred Sister Hutchison... Thanks, Jaren for helping me represent my team!

 We decided to take pictures of us walking off into the sunset together on our last night. 

 And then I attacked her...

Meet Sister Pinhey!

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