Feb 23, 2016

A Peculiar People

This week brought a little bit of everything. On Wednesday we had Zone Conference and President Gardner had us focus a lot on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how that applies to us as missionaries. I learned that it is not only central to everything that we do as missionaries, but to all things in life. It covers absolutely everything and is the only thing that makes it possible for us to return home to our Heavenly Father. We talked about the sacrament as well and I came to realize how personal the sacrament is. Sister Gardner told us that when we go to church and partake of the sacrament, that is the only time all week when we can and should think about ourselves. The sacrament is what can give us the power we need to fulfill this work that our Heavenly Father has for us to do and we need that time to think about our Savior and grow closer to Him.

We also had a few training's on finding and how we can be more successful at it. I feel like that is something that I have always struggled with because I'm more of a "listener" than a "talker". But I learned that as we are finding people to teach, we are finding the elect. The elect are a "peculiar people" and we need to find people who are willing to be different. We are never going to be in line with the world, but we need people who are willing to stand up for what they know to be true.

On Thursday, Sister Fronk and I spent 45 minutes of our companionship study planning lessons for our two investigators and we were so excited to see them. Both of them ended up cancelling. Missionary work can be so frustrating sometimes! There are so many moments where you wonder why you try so hard because nothing ever seems to work out the way that you think it should. But something that I have come to learn is that our Heavenly Father is in control and is so aware of us. This work is too important for Him to not be looking over, so I have learned to trust in Him and believe that He knows what He's doing. I know that as long as I am doing my part, He won't led me astray.

 Racket ball with Brother Washington makes for a great President's Day.

 I love them all. So much.

We won third place for having the cleanest car. We were quite proud.

 I. Love. Sleepovers.
And pancakes.

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