Apr 25, 2016

Helaman 5:12

I feel like we have been talking a lot about strong foundations this week and the tools and resources that we can use to gain one. We really have been given so many resources to help us gain a solid foundation in the most stable rock there is, being Jesus Christ. One tool that we have been focusing on as a mission is the Book of Mormon. We have all started reading from the beginning and President Gardner has asked us to mark any time that Christ is mentioned, His doctrine and His attributes. By doing this, it has been amazing to see that the Book of Mormon truly does testify of Jesus Christ. He is everywhere in it!

Another resource that we have been given is the temple. That has been another big theme of the week. During Stake Conference this weekend, a lot of the talks mentioned how important it is that we make attending the temple a priority. The temple provides us with so many incredible blessings that we really can't get anywhere else. Not only does it provide us with power and knowledge, but also clarity, peace, comfort, revelation and so many other things. Who doesn't need that in this crazy world? It also gives us the opportunity to do service for those who have passed on. I learned this week that when we do work for others in the temple, we become a "savior on Mount Zion". We become their savior because we are doing work for them that they can't do themselves. I though that was pretty amazing and it made me realize how truly sacred that form of service is.

There are so many other things that help us gain a foundation in Christ and there has never been a greater time when we need to testify and stand strong when our faith is questioned and tested. Our testimonies need to be in a place where we can undeniably say "I can testify this is true. I know it." And as we use these tools that we've been given and build on the foundation of Christ, we "cannot fall".
 Highlight of the week" $1 Jimmy John sandwiches

 I kind of like them.

 We painted a house blue. So that was fun.

 Also, I got to take the Model A Ford Car Club on tour. How cute are these cars?

I know I'm not supposed to covet, but I want one! Maybe someday.

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