Mar 23, 2016

It's the Little Things

There were too many little moments that happened this week to just write about a few, so I decided to list off some of the highlights. Here we go:

-Went on exchanges for the first time in 4 months.
-Got free ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.
-Smashed a cake in an elder's face.
-Got body slammed by Sister Murphy.
-Made a late night Zesto's ice cream run after shift at the Trail Center.
-Talked to an Irish man on St. Patrick's Day.
-Brother Washington took us to a bar for lunch on St. Patty's Day. Not the best idea.
-Saw an ambulance pulled up at Which Wich during lunch.
-Within a 2 hour period we received and contacted a referral who became new investigator after we taught the Restoration. So. Many. Miracles.
-We had yet another musical fireside. Always a good time.
-Helped Sister Fronk pack. That was not a good time. At all.
-Survived a snowfall. In March. Not ok. But it's now officially Spring so all is well!

Yes, I am aware that more than half of these are about food. But I guess that's the life of a missionary. Moral of the story: I love being a missionary. So much.

I can't believe that my baby sister comes home from her mission this week. I love you my little Allie Wallie! I also can't believe that I won't be there to welcome you home, but know how proud of you I am and how much I love you! You're gonna rock this "real world" thing.
 God's work is the best kind of work. It's a fact.

 Found this little gem on exchanges. We were pretty excited.

 Meet Sister Taggart. She's a gem too.

 Awkward district photos are my favorite.

 How am I so lucky to get to see these girls everyday?

Goodness, I'm going to miss her. So much.

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