Apr 18, 2016

Chat With a Mormon

Because we serve at a Visitor's Center, we get to talk with people online from all over the world through "Teaching Center". We chat with them through instant messaging and talk with them on the phone to help answer any questions that they might have about the church. On Tuesday, we had man named Stefan message us and said that he needed to talk with someone about his faith and was wondering if he could call us. Of course we said yes and we came to find out that he has been investigating the church for a couple of months and was hoping to find some hope to keep enduring. He is one of the most prepared people that I have ever met in my entire life. He's 20 and already knew all about patriarchal blessings, endowments, and even asked if he could go on a mission. I'm pretty sure he knows more about the gospel than I do. We talked with him for almost 2 hours and when we were able to answer his questions he kept saying, "That makes so much sense!" He told us that he has talked to his Mission President about being baptized and that he is set for 4 weeks from now. He just needs to get dunked if you ask me. After talking with him, it confirmed to me that there truly are people prepared to receive the gospel, it's just up to us to find them.

We met two new investigators this week as well. Their names are Eli and Christine and they were a referral from another set of missionaries. They have been meeting with missionaries for a little bit you can tell that they are so prepared for the gospel. Eli opened up to us a lot and we learned that he has been through a lot in his life. Both his dad and mom left him when he was little and he ended up getting into drugs and alcohol at the age of 13. It got to the point where he knew that he needed to turn his life around and he found Jesus Christ. We are so excited to get to know them better and to see what is in store for them!

It is strange how, as missionaries, people feel more comfortable opening up to you. Maybe it's the tag? It almost seems to give people permission to tell you their entire life story. Sometimes it can be a good thing, but other times we have no idea what they're talking about. It does, however, help me see that these are real people with real problems and I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to 
help and serve them.
 This basically explains how exchanges went. Sister Jensen and Sister Johnson are the coolest.

 Clean up crew part dos.

 Taking "Instagram" pictures without Instagram is the best.

 Tulips and the Trail Center. Couldn't ask for anything better.

I know I say this every week. But I just love them so much!

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