Aug 10, 2015

Learning To Be Perfectly Imperfect

So far, August has treated us pretty well. The humidity has been a little rough, but the people here make it all worth it.

Sister Durrant wasn't feeling well at all on Wednesday, so I ended up getting a ride with Sister Brower and Sister Powell to our district meeting while Sister Durrant rested at the Trail Center. I think that district meetings are my favorite part of the week. I am always able to learn so much!
The biggest thing I learned this week was "Practice makes progression. Christ makes perfection." I loved that quote because a lot of the time, I find myself focusing on trying to become "perfect" in everything which only leads to myself having unrealistic expectations and being let down. But I learned that instead of comparing myself to those around me, I should only be comparing myself to Christ because He is the perfect example in all things. He knows my potential and I know that He will help me get there.

On Thursday I was able to take a class from BYU on tour. They are taking courses on church history and as part of their class, they spent 5 weeks doing service in Nauvoo and are visiting the history sites as well. They obviously knew more about the history than I do, so it was so fun to be able to learn from them as I took them around. Their professor shared some insights as well and I felt like I was in school again! It was amazing to be able to learn more about the history of the Saints, but also be able to help the students feel the Spirit and think about the sacrifice that the  pioneers gave for us. Sometimes we find ourselves focusing on how and where things happened, but forget that these were real people who went through real trials. My appreciation and love for the pioneers grows more and more everyday as I am serving here, for which I am so grateful.

It really has been such a wonderful week and I'm starting to understand why people say that serving a mission was the best decision they ever made. I absolutely love being a missionary and am so thankful to be here in Omaha. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!
 Wendy's after the Trail Center? Why Not?

 We got the recipe for Swig cookies and thought we would try them out with Minda and Bella...

 It was kind of an epic fail but we got an A for effort!

This is Sister Funk. And yes, she is funky. But in the cool way.​

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