Aug 26, 2015

"One Big 18-Month Awkward Moment"

On Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Sister Powell. We stayed in the Lake Cunningham area and we definitely had some crazy adventures. In the morning, it started raining pretty hard as we headed to our first appointment to see Rosharra. The rain kept getting harder and harder and we could see the road starting the flood. Sister Powell had never met Rosharra before so she didn't know exactly where she lived and Rosharra wouldn't pick up her phone. We ended up walking around outside trying to find her, but with no luck. After walking through rivers in the road for about 45 minutes, we headed back to the car and we ended up having to put our clothes in the dryer during lunch. We were soaked! But by 2 that afternoon, the sun was shining again. Welcome to Nebraska.

On Wednesday at our district meeting, our District Leader talked to us about how taking the name of Christ upon us helps us become better examples and representatives of Him, which is essential as a missionary. But that doesn't mean it's easy. He told us that "The mission is one big 18-month awkward moment. But that is because we are changing and growing so much." How true that is! After he said that, it made me think about how awkward junior high is when you are still trying to figure out who you are and who you want to become. It is such an awkward time in life and it can be really difficult to know where we fit in. A mission and life in general is the same way. Each day we are trying to figure out who God wants us to be and we are changing and growing as we are learning. It can be such an awkward transition because we don't exactly know how it will all turn out. But Heavenly Father knows what is best for all of us and will help us get to where He knows we can be.

It was also transfers this week and we found out that Sister Durrant is on her way over to Kanesville and I will stay here in Eagle Run with Sister Smith as my new companion! I am so sad to see Sister Durrant leave, but we will still get to see each other all of the time at the Trail Center which is such a blessing. She will be amazing over in Kanesville and I'm excited to start this new chapter here in Eagle Run. It is going to so good!

Have a wonderful week ya'll!   
 Sister Powell is pretty cool.

 The good ol' Lake Cunningham district.

Meet Sister Smith! We're both shorties which is fun!

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