Aug 17, 2015

I Blinked and It's Been 6 Months

On Monday of this week, Sister Strong and Sister Ferrara joined us on a trip to the pedestrian bridge. It is a bridge that covers the Missouri River and makes it possible for you to walk from Nebraska into Iowa. They even have the state line marked so that you can be in two places at once. We had a lot of fun! We were also able to have a little party with the sisters at the Trail Center. We had a waffle bar and a relay race and even added a little Book of Mormon charades in there. My stomach was sore from laughing so hard.

On Thursday, we had a zone training and talked a lot about why we serve missions, why we decided to serve a mission, and how our missions are going to prepare us for our future. I love my mission, but sometimes it feels like I'm going to be here forever. But I do know that the end is going to come before I know it. So I have made it a goal to embrace every moment I have out here and to work as hard as I possibly can while I am here on the Lord's errand. I only get to be His full-time servant for so long, so I need to make the most of it while I have the opportunity to.

We then were able to go to the temple on Friday! I love the temple so much and my love for it grows the more I go. There is also something so special about the Winter Quarters temple. I absolutely love looking at the "Tree of Life" stained glass window in the Celestial Room and think about the statue in the cemetery that is on the other side. I can only imagine how excited and overjoyed the pioneers were when that temple was built. It is such a sacred and special place and I feel so blessed to be able to serve here.

I cannot believe that I have been a missionary for 6 months now. It's been the fastest/slowest/craziest/best 6 months of my life and I am so ready to see what this next year is going to bring. I love and miss you all!
 I don't know how many times in your life you can say you've been in two places at once.

 A companionship divided.

 A companionship divided.

 We probably laugh too much. Oh, well.

Happy 6 months!

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