Dec 14, 2015

Oh, What Do You Do In the Summer... I Mean Christmas Time?

Last week at our ward Christmas party, the Bishop introduced us to Matt and Melissa. We had never met them before, and we came to find out that Matt is a member and is wanting to come back to church while Melissa has never heard much about the church. She seemed very interested in learning more and told us that she would love to meet with us. We were able to go over to her house this past week and the lesson went really well! It was a little interesting because she doesn't have much of a religious background and also doesn't know much about Christ. So we kind of had to start at ground zero, but it was amazing to be able to see her faith grow before our eyes. She's been to church once now and we are so excited to visit with her more.

We had our Christmas Zone Conference on Wednesday and we all had so much fun. At the beginning of the conference, President Gardner talked to us about our Savior and had us ponder the question, "You have a testimony in the Jesus Christ, now what? What are you going to do because of that testimony?" I didn't have much of an answer to that question at first. But as I was thinking about it, I thought about how all of us as members of His church wear His name on our hearts. As missionaries, we do it literally. But even when we aren't His full-time servants, we still covenanted to take His name upon us when we were baptized and are therefore always an example of Him. I think it's as simple as that: we grow our testimony in our Savior and then be like Him. That is all He asks of us and it is the least we can do for what He did for us.

Speaking of making baptismal covenants, Ka'Ron is now baptized! Not only that, Ken was the one to baptize him. I honestly could not stop smiling throughout the entire service. When we told Ka'Ron that after the baptism he said, "Me too! I was trying so hard not to smile in the water." He was just beaming and you could tell that he was so happy. I could feel so much joy for him! It's a type of joy that you really can't describe, but it really does make everything worth it.

It has been in the 60's this week and we have less than two weeks until Christmas. I'm not completely sure how I feel about that because it's definitely more like summer weather than Christmas weather, but I'll take what I can get for now.

 Murry Christmas!

 Happy 10 Months!

We're a little crazy...but you still love me, right?

I promise Ka'Ron was excited to be baptized. He just didn't want to show it.

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