Nov 3, 2015

A Week of Both Tricks and Treats... and More Treats

This week I had the opportunity to be invited to a training meeting where the head of the Missionary Proselyting Department in Salt Lake came and talked to us. He spoke to us about how we can plan better and that by doing that, we will be able to see so many more baptisms and be more successful. His name is Brother Donaldson and he was actually the Mission President in San Diego during the filming of District 2 (I thought all of you missionaries and RM's out there would appreciate that) It was such an incredible meeting! We were able to learn about how we can follow the divine pattern from God which is to plan at night, prepare in the morning and do during the day. We were told that this is the pattern that the Brethren follow and were promised that if we do the same, we will also be able to be successful and come closer to the Spirit not only on our missions, but also in our lives at home.

We saw Ken again this week and he told us that he is counting down the days to his baptism. I still can't believe that it is actually happening this coming Saturday. We have been able to see so many miracles!

And those miracles continued throughout the week. On Friday, we were able to find 3 new investigators in 2 hours and were even able to get into a house! This is probably sad to admit, but that hasn't happened for me yet when I've tracted, so that was pretty exciting!!
I really do feel pretty spoiled being at the Trail Center. Our sweet senior couples threw us a Halloween party and we even got to dress up. I found a Snow White costume at Goodwill for $5 and I'm pretty sure it's made for a 12 year old. But, hey, it fit! We had so much fun and were even allowed to watch "The Cokeville Miracle". Oh my goodness, if any of you haven't seen that movie, watch it right now. They did an amazing job with it!

I hope that the rest of you had a Happy Halloween. I cannot believe that November is already here, but there are so many incredible things coming. I can't wait!

 Sometimes we don't want to get ready on P-Day, so we play Phase 10 instead.

 Happy Halloween!

Is Sister Willis not the cutest Newsie you've ever seen?

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