Jul 6, 2015

Happy Birthday 'Murica!

Not only was it America's birthday this week, it was also Sister Durrant's! She turned the big 2-0 this year. I remember those days... We celebrated throughout the day by eating cake, brownies, and then more cake. I don't think I will be able to eat sugar until my birthday. But it was a wonderful day and we had a great time!

On Wednesday, we got to meet our new Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Gardner. They started out by introducing themselves to us and we learned that they are from Ogden, Utah and have three kids. Fun fact: their youngest daughter is actually serving a mission in Cancun, Mexico right now. I am so excited to be able to serve with them for the next year! They both have such an incredible spirit about them and I have been able to learn so much from them already. Something that President Gardner really focused on while speaking to us was making sure that we love the Savior more than the life we had before. We need to love the Savior more than anything which is not an easy thing for our weak mortal minds to do all of the time. But being the Lord's missionary has taught me that He has already shown us His love by sacrificing everything for us. Now it is our turn to show our love for Him. I absolutely love President and Sister Gardner and I can't wait to get to know them better. They are amazing!

On Thursday, two special guests came into the Trail Center for a visit: Elder and Sister Slater! Also known as grandma and grandpa. We may or may not have been pushing the rules a bit, but it was so good to see them. I was able to give them a tour and learn so much more about the pioneers from them. I love the fact that I get to share this special place with them and I can't wait to bring them back someday. I love you grandma and grandpa!

And then came Saturday. The fourth of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays and it was so fun to see how Nebraska does it! I won't lie, Utah knows how to put on a parade, but Nebraska knows fireworks. They were everywhere! People spend thousands of dollars and have actually been lighting them off for a couple of weeks now. But it was a really great day! We spent most of the day serving at the Kanesville Tabernacle and then ended with dinner with Bob and Lucy and a good ol' photo shoot. We had a lot of fun! I really do feel so grateful to live in a country where we are free to choose and worship how we please. We are so blessed to be in this incredible country!

I hope the rest of you had a fantastic fourth! I also want to thank President Packer for the incredible service and hard work that he gave. He will be greatly missed.

Have a great week everyone! Love you!
Happy Birthday, Sister Durrant!

 Winter Quarters missed Elder and Sister Slater. So did I!

 Meet President and Sister Gardner! Are they not the cutest?

 An Independence Day photo shoot is a must.

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