Jun 8, 2015

Bring on the Nebraska Summer

This week we kind of got a taste of what summer is going to be like. The humidity is already showing through, and it's only the beginning of June... There was actually a day where the pages of our Book of Mormon started wilting because it was so humid. Bring it on!

On Monday, most of the sisters from the Trail Center got together and we had a belated Memorial Day BBQ. We grilled up some hot dogs and hamburgers and even had a waffle ball tournament. It was junior companions against senior companions and naturally (no thanks to me), our team won. We also played badminton and volleyball and enjoyed the amazing weather that day!

On Tuesday, we were driving to a dinner appointment and we saw a woman petting a squirrel. Sister Durrant has been wanting to do that since she came out on her mission, so she had us pull over and ask "This might be a weird question, but we saw you petting a squirrel. Can we pet the squirrel?" We soon learned that the woman's name is Tess and she has been raising three little squirrels since they were babies. Welcome to Nebraska, I guess. Sister Durrant did not get to pet the squirrel because it ran up the tree, but we did give Tess a Because He Lives card and it gave us an excuse to come back. We're excited to see her again!

On Friday night, we had the opportunity to go to a women's devotional where we heard from Sisters Layton, Durham and Reeves who are a part of the General Primary, Young Womens and Relief Society Presidencies. They all gave such incredible talks. Something that Sister Durham told us was that she and her husband were sealed in the temple by President Spencer W. Kimball and she said that he told them something that is very simple, but very profound. He told them that "If you live the gospel, you will always be happy." I know that to be true and I have been able to see that more and more as I have been out on my mission. The gospel really does bring us so many blessings which result in happiness. It all makes sense!

Saturday was an adventure. To start off the day, we gave a tour to a group of 220 young adults. It was crazy but it was fun to meet so many people. Then we had the opportunity to go on a field trip! Sister Latey (the senior sister who works in the library here at the Trail Center) took us on a tour out to Iowa to see all of the church sites there. We went to see the Grand Encampment, Council Point, Taylor Pratt Hill and Hyde Park. Taylor Pratt Hill was the actual spot where the Mormon Battalion left from and it has such and incredible spirit about it. It amazes me the history that we have here in the Midwest. I learn something new every day!

This week was a great kick off to June and makes me so excited to see what is to come this
summer! I hope that everybody else had a good week. I love you all!
 Happy belated Memorial Day!

 My attempt at badminton. #epicfail

 Visiting the Mormon Trail equals photo op!

Because selfies at Hyde Park are pretty cool.

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