Jul 11, 2016

Fire of the Covenant

At zone training this week, we had a training about covenants and we were asked to think about how they have influenced our lives. I thought about what it really means to make a covenant with God and came to realize how incredible it is that our Heavenly Father gives us the opportunity to make a promise with Him with promised blessings in return. Covenants really are what give us the strength and power that we need to overcome Satan, fully apply the Atonement of Christ in our lives, and be able to become like Him. We were then asked the question, "Are you bringing the power of God upon yourselves?" That really helped me realize what covenants are able to do for us in our lives and the power that they can provide for us. How incredible is it that we are always able to have the power of God with us at all times? All that we have to do is be worthy to accept and access it.

We were also able to go to the temple this week and I felt like I hadn't been there in years. But I came to realize how spoiled I am to be able to see the temple almost every day and that I have been able to go inside so often while I have been on my mission. Because we had talked about covenants earlier in the week, I thought about them while I was in the temple and it was amazing to be able to reflect on the covenants that I have made and see how they really have influenced my life in so many ways. While I was in the Celestial Room, I had the most overwhelming feeling of just being at home. The Winter Quarters temple really has become a home for me and it breaks my heart to know that I can't stay here forever, but I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that home is where you make it and that I'm truly never alone. I have so been blessed with such incredible family and friends and I know that no matter where I am, my Savior and Father in Heaven will always be there.
 Omaha West Zone. These are some good people.

 Sister Hutchison's mom sent us CafĂ© Rio through her neighbor. Best. Day. Ever.

 Happy 17 months!

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