Oct 12, 2015

Getting To Know You

I spent most of the week trying to get to know the people here in my new area. Being transferred can be tough sometimes because it almost makes you feel like a new missionary again. But I love being able to meet so many new people and get the chance to teach them.

One of those new people being Ken. He is an investigator that was found last transfer at a gas station. He has been to church a few times and seems to be doing really well. However, he is very insightful and seems to have an opinion about everything. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it sometimes got in the way during our lesson. But he did tell us that he has been seeing signs that he is on the right path and that this church is a good fit for him. So that is great start!

We were also able to meet with Stephanie and Eddie. They are a couple who have been investigating the church for a little while and have talked about baptism before. The only problem is that they aren't married. They have 3 little boys and another one on the way and they really are the cutest little family! We talked to them a bit about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families and it seemed to go pretty well. We just know how much this gospel is going to bless them and their family and we are hoping and praying they continue to progress.

I am so grateful to have the knowledge of knowing that I can be together with my family forever. I honestly don't know where I would be without them. I love ya'll so much! I also love that I get to be out here sharing that message with these Nebraskans and helping them see the happiness and joy that our Heavenly Father's plan gives us.  

I love you all so much! Have a great week!
 Happy 8 Months!

This sign was on the door of our neighbor. So don't worry anybody, we aren't going to die on his watch.

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