Sep 8, 2015

True Blue Through and Through

It's getting harder and harder to remember what goes on throughout the week. All of the days just seem to blur together. But I do remember that we had a great start to the week!

We were able to see Stephanie, which was a huge miracle. She is an investigator who we haven't been able to see for a few months and she has been investigating the church for years. We talked with her about the Book of Mormon and she asked us why we believe it to be "the most correct book of any book on earth." We explained to her that by saying that, we aren't putting the bible down. But there are so many different versions of the bible and some truths have been lost because of that. But with the Book of Mormon, it has only been translated once and it was by the power of God, so we know that those words come directly from Him. She said that made sense and out of the blue, she sighed and said "I know that I need to be baptized." Those are probably the most magical words that a missionary could hear! We are hoping that everything will work out for her and that she will be able to overcome her fears so that she can take that next step.

Friday was absolutely crazy at the Trail Center! In that day alone, we had 615 people come in and took 115 tours. On Sunday we had 720 people and 150 tours. We are pretty sure that is a record for the Trail Center. But I guess that is what happens when Nebraska is playing BYU in football. I even got to see my Grandpa Marv and Uncle Brad! It was so fun to see them as they headed towards the game.

And what a game that was. My amazing mom sent us banners and treats to help us celebrate and we did our best to try to enjoy every moment of watching football. When the clock counted down to one second left in the game, BYU was still halfway down the field and were one point down. We held our breath as we watched the last play and screamed when that ball landed. TOUCHDOWN COUGARS! It was such a miracle! We kept teasing in saying that the only reason they won was because of the missionaries, which is probably true. We were so thankful for a great game! I do have to say that I have become a Nebraska fan myself, just not when they are playing the Cougars. I will forever be true blue through and through.

This was probably one of the most tiring weekends I have had, but it was also one of the most exciting! Being a missionary really is the best.
 We kept asking ourselves "Is this real life?"

GO COUGARS! Sister Gray is a Ute fan. Figures.

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