Sep 28, 2015

Keep Moving Forward

While we were over at Tatiana's apartment this past week, we were able to talk with Erika for a little bit. Erika is a friend of Tatiana's who has been staying with her for the past month, so we have seen her the last couple of times we have been over. But on Wednesday, she started asking us questions about the church and said that Tatiana has been inviting her to come. Right before we were about to ask her if she wanted a copy, Erika asked us, "Is there any way that I could get a Book of Mormon?" The Spirit is working so hard on her! We could see it and are excited to see what happens.

Unfortunately, Mary Ann wasn't able to be baptized this week because she let Satan get to her a little bit and had some coffee and cigarettes. President Gardner has told us that investigators must follow the Word of Wisdom for at least 3 weeks before baptism, so that pushed Mary Ann out to being set for October 10. It is so hard to see somebody get so close to the finish line only to trip and fall, but that is exactly what the Atonement is for. Christ is there to pick us up and help us finish. We know that everything will work out for her good.

The General Women's Conference on Saturday was so good! I absolutely loved the parable that President Uchtdorf shared with us and it definitely taught me how I can keep enduring through life: by moving forward and upward. Life is a crazy adventure, and even though every moment isn't going to be exciting and fun, we can always choose to be happy no matter what occurs and look at how we can learn from even the boring moments we go through. We have to learn to embrace the now because "now is part of eternity" and we are never going to get this time back. When we can learn to do that, we will be able to always find joy in the little things and get an idea of the perfect plan that our loving Father in Heaven has created for us.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for General Conference this weekend. I wanted to thank Elder Scott for his years of service and wisdom that he shared with us. It breaks my heart to see three of our beloved apostles return back to our Heavenly Father, but they will always be loved and remembered.
This is Judy. We call her Grandmother Willow and she calls us her minions. She takes such great care of us!

 Why not camp out on your driveway to watch the eclipse?

It didn't get very red, but it was still so fun to watch!​

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