Mar 30, 2015

Ain't No Water Gonna Stop Us

The beginning of the week was a pretty cold and rainy one for the most part weather wise, but that ain't gonna stop us.

Monday, we were able to go to Old Market in downtown Omaha which was a blast! It's this cute little area where they have a ton of shops with jewelry, clothes, food, candy, all of the things that you need in life, really. In this one shop there are these rings that every Sister here has. So obviously I needed to get one. It was a fun time!

The rest of the week was full of teaching and meeting with people. My companion and I "pink washed" the Kanesville Ward area (meaning that they took out both Sisters in the ward and put two new ones in) so we have just been trying to get to know everybody around here. I honestly can't believe how amazing the people are here. They are all just so nice! I really mean it, though. Everybody, for the most part, is willing to talk to us and listen to what we have to say. That isn't to say I haven't haven't had some doors slammed in my face, but people here in the Mid West are overall very kind and hospitable people. It's so great!

Saturday was epic. Every Saturday morning, we have a training at the Trail Center, and this past Saturday we got to watch the "Because He Lives" video and get pass along cards to hand out. Ah. Everybody please go and watch that video RIGHT NOW. It's incredible. And it will make you cry. So prepare yourselves. We then got to do a service project for Habitat for Humanity and paint a house. We had such a grand old time. And then we finished the night with Women's Conference. Goodness. It was so great. I do have to say, it was a bit rough having the theme of the first conference I watch on my mission be on families. It made me miss home a lot. But then I remembered that that is exactly why I'm here: so that I can bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to others so that they can live with their families forever and have the happiness that comes along with knowing the truth. Everybody deserves to have that.

Watching the speakers made me so excited for next week, I can't even stand it. Easter AND General Conference? I can't handle the epicness that is to come.

On Sunday, we were on shift at the Trail Center after church and actually had quite a few people come on! Later in the night, we were able to meet Danessa. She is from Kentucky, and her niece has to do a report for school on Nebraska. So she and her sister drove all the way down to learn about the history. Talk about the commitment! While her niece was taking pictures and writing things down, Danessa went off her own and that is when Sister Young and I started talking to her. She began telling us how touched she was from seeing the sacrifices that the Pioneers made and she felt really comfortable and peaceful there at the center. We then told bore our testimonies to her and showed her the "Because He Lives" video and she got really emotional. She mentioned that she had spoken with Elders before, but didn't really give them a second thought. But she ended up taking a Book of Mormon and promised us that next time she sees missionaries she will let them talk to her. It was amazing. I love being a missionary! You get to see so many miracles!

Birthday shout out to my dad! I hope you had an amazing day yesterday. I miss and love you so much!

And I love you all of you so much! Have a great week!
 We found Frozen jelly beans! We were probably more excited than we needed to be. Oh, well. 

Is this Old Market or Italy? We couldn't tell.   

Gotta love service. Especially painting a house. Good times.
 We have these beautiful signs up at the Trail Center! #iwaspumped #BecauseHeLives #yaas

Posterity picture! From left to right: Grandma, Mom, Me :) Fun fact: Sister Gray (on the left) is cousin's with Sister Love, who is companions with my sister in Ohio! The world is so tiny.

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