Jan 11, 2016

One by One

For some reason, I have been noticing the number one a lot this week.

Earlier in the week, we met with a less active member in our ward and she has been going through a really hard time. Her son recently committed suicide the day before Thanksgiving and she hasn't had the money to give him a proper burial. We sat there as she told us everything and my heart broke for her. I couldn't imagine having to go through something like that.

As I was listening to her, I couldn't help but think about how grateful I am to know that this life isn't the end and that I have the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His atonement. Lately, I have been reading about about how Jesus Christ is the ONLY ONE who could save us. I find it so astounding to think that Jesus Christ, our older brother who loves us so much, was willing to atone for us and provide us with a way home to live with our Father again. Not only did overcome death, but He also made it possible for pain to become joy, sorrow to become happiness, and for our broken hearts to become mended. It doesn't happen all at once, but through Him, it's not only possible but a reality. He knows all of us so personally and uniquely and is always there for us. He helps us and loves us one by one. As a missionary, I feel so thankful to be His servant and help find others one by one to bring them closer to Him. I couldn't ask for a better calling.

Another reason why "one" has been the theme of the week? We reached 11 months as missionaries on 1-11. It's also our "golden anniversary", so we thought that was pretty cool.

I was also able to experience a true Nebraska winter this weekend. It got down to 4 below zero not counting the wind chill, so it was definitely cold.. But I survived! Oh, January. You may be cold and wet with no holidays to look forward to, but we still love you. At least, that's what we keep telling ourselves. Here's to another week!
The Duerksens. We are are going to miss them so much!

 The Ellis' are deciding to leave us too. It's not OK.

 Happy 11 months! We finally ran out of fingers.

 Another "one" for the week.

I have something that I need to get off of my chest... meet my new man.

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